Jelinek Herbal Liqueur

Jelinek Herbal Liqueur

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Jelinek Herb Luhačovice 0,5 l

Herbal liqueur from Czech, 38%vol
delicate aroma of herbs and bittersweet herbal flavour, produced from 13 types of herbs and spices

9.90 *
1 l = 19.80 €

Jelinek Fernet 0,7 l

Herbal bitter, 38%vol
Herbal influences dominate, with flavors of anise, clove, raisins and mint, slightly bitter finish


12.50 *
1 l = 17.86 €
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Jelinek Amaro 0,7 l

Herbal liqueur, 30%vol
soft and smooth, well-balanced bittersweet taste, uniquely juicy and citrusy, more than twenty different botanicals

11.60 *
1 l = 16.57 €
In stock
can be shipped within 1 bis 2 days

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Spirits and syrups coloured if not declared otherwise. All wines and sparkling wines contain sulphites.